Siri Seduced Me

The after care since Raffy entered the world was amazing, well apart from our useless GP surgery. I don’t think the receptionist is capable of taking a Big Mac order, let alone booking appointments for people who are clearly unwell and in need of attention from the doctors. I’m pretty confident to say that the increase of visits to A+E in recent reports was mainly down to this girl unable… Read Article →


Changing The Game

It’s funny how before Raffy arrived I’d never notice signs  for baby changing facilities or if I did it would wash over my head like nail polish discussions or the latest make up brand. Tash was upset when I returned home with a new laptop when I said I was going to buy Mac – I did wonder why she was so supportive. However, when Megatron (story for another time)… Read Article →


Missionary Impossible

The year was 2014, my trainers were a little whiter, my hair a little less grey and my car didn’t have scuffs on the bumpers or a broken indicator (mainly because I was the only one driving it) As we lay in bed one evening I blurted out “let’s pull the goalie.” Tash just presumed it was another one of my sleep talking episodes which I was prone to, as… Read Article →

Peace and quiet

For crying out loud

“Don’t know what all the fuss is about, this sh**s easy…” Are the words I mumbled while I sipped a freshly ground coffee with my feet up after the first week of being a new dad. I was still fairly fresh faced and smug at the thought I had it nailed. Sleep, wakes up, feed (by that I mean hand to Tash), no need to wind due being breastfed, lay… Read Article →

Needle work for beginners.

She was in stitches…

Raffy closed his eyes, this was becoming a rarity at the moment so we took a chance and got into bed. “Ouchhhh!” I looked at Tash, taking a moment to make sure it wasn’t something I’d done. My toe nails had become quite long and sharp and I’d often accidentally jab her with them. I’d once jumped onto a Lilo, nail slicing through it, leaving me wearing it like a big… Read Article →


The Boob Ban

As I slid, by slid I mean crashed, into my 30’s a lot of my friends were now parents, Facebook was inundated with scan and newborn pictures (sorry I became one of those people – actually I’m not sorry) I kept hearing the same ‘myth’; during pregnancy your partners boobs will look like a vintage pinup drawing, however, under no circumstances will you be allowed to touch them and can… Read Article →


Labour Day… part two

Tash hit 10cm at about 10pm, it was time to push! I’ve seen a few films so had my supportive breathing noises and standard sentences at the ready, complete with sympathetic tones. Then just like that her contractions slowed completely down to a point where they weren’t enough to push him out. Doogie Howser was replaced by a senior midwife who took the lead. As they were putting in (I… Read Article →


Labour Day… part one

It was a lovely warm summer evening when Tash felt the tingle of the initial stages of labour wash over her glowing pregnant body….. was it bollocks, we had been at a friend’s, I had been drinking Gin & Tonic, Tash Capri sun and I was in the dog house. I remember finishing the argument with “wouldn’t it be typical if you went into labour now” whilst secretly thinking ‘actually… Read Article →