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The Boob Ban

As I slid, by slid I mean crashed, into my 30’s a lot of my friends were now parents, Facebook was inundated with scan and newborn pictures (sorry I became one of those people – actually I’m not sorry) I kept hearing the same ‘myth’; during pregnancy your partners boobs will look like a vintage pinup drawing, however, under no circumstances will you be allowed to touch them and can… Read Article →


Labour Day… part two

Tash hit 10cm at about 10pm, it was time to push! I’ve seen a few films so had my supportive breathing noises and standard sentences at the ready, complete with sympathetic tones. Then just like that her contractions slowed completely down to a point where they weren’t enough to push him out. Doogie Howser was replaced by a senior midwife who took the lead. As they were putting in (I… Read Article →


Labour Day… part one

It was a lovely warm summer evening when Tash felt the tingle of the initial stages of labour wash over her glowing pregnant body….. was it bollocks, we had been at a friend’s, I had been drinking Gin & Tonic, Tash Capri sun and I was in the dog house. I remember finishing the argument with “wouldn’t it be typical if you went into labour now” whilst secretly thinking ‘actually… Read Article →